Daniel Stabrawa – Deputy Chairman of the Jury
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Data publikacji / 2021-09-13

On 17 August a meeting was held in Berlin between members of the Board and Management of Henryk Wieniawski Musical Society, organiser of International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition in Poznań, and Augustin Dumay, Chairman of the Jury of the event’s 16th edition, who was accompanied by Izabela Bauer-Confrere, his assistant, and Daniel Stabrawa, whom Mr Dumay appointed Deputy Chairman of the Jury.

Dedicated to organisational questions, the meeting addressed key issues related to preliminary selection of candidates, as well as promotion of the event. High on the agenda was also TV and web coverage of the event. Composition of Preselection Jury was also determined: the body will be made up of violinists Augustin Dumay, Daniel Stabrawa and Madeleine Caruzzo.

Photo Credit Johann Sebastian Hänel

Augustin Dumay, Chairman of the Jury:

'I am very pleased with today’s meeting in Berlin, which focused on what the next Wieniawski Competition in October 2022 will look like. I am glad my friend Daniel Stabrawa – great musician, for several years illustrious concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra – and I have set up a duo, if you like, to discuss vital issues concerning the future event. One may say, we begin work on the event’s new formula. Daniel Stabrawa has been appointed Deputy Chairman of the Jury. We are going to work in close collaboration, as we have noticed we perceive the surrounding musical world in a like manner, and similarly understand young artists’ expectations related to their musical life: what they miss, or, what the Competition can offer them. This is what the whole thing boils down to, for the Competition does not end with its final stage – its allure goes on…

Next year’s 16th International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition shall take into consideration new elements which will be current in the musical world in the next decade or two.

I find myself very fortunate to be – alongside Daniel Stabrawa – the underwriter and guide of this splendid rivalry'.


Daniel Stabrawa, Deputy Chairman of the Jury:

'My friend, the excellent violinist Augustin Dumay, has basically said all I might like to say to young players. At the meeting in Berlin, we held preliminary talks about the upcoming 16th International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition, which is due to be held in Poznań in the autumn of next year.

I wish to extend an invitation to all talented (and there are no people devoid of talent!) young players who would like to take part in the Competition, which will surely become for them a source of great satisfaction.

I believe it is very important for young musicians to meet established artists who have already covered most of their artistic paths. Ones, who nevertheless continue to play and, at the same time, try to promote younger musicians and share their expertise with them. A great thrill for us, it is, I believe, quite an experience for violin players only at the onset of their artistic careers to yield themselves to our judgement. To listen to the opinion – even critical – from a musician like Augustin Dumay, is already worth the while – even if one were not to win the Competition!

I hope it will be a beautiful meeting with musicians, with a new generation of violinists from all over the world.

Do come to the Competition, as it is a chance, so to speak, of a lifetime. Welcome!'.