Today We Elect the Musical World of Tomorrow
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Data publikacji / 2019-10-25

... this is the main goal and message for 21st-century instrumental competitions according to Augustin Dumay, Chairman of the Jury of the 2022 edition. The objective of competition events should be to discover genuine musicians capable of spinning remarkable tales with their instruments.

Only then, do we stand a chance to win interest and favour of key members of the public, renowned conductors, music directors of major orchestrasas well as festival organisers and world-calibre musical personalities. Competitions should no longer be races to win trophies held under watchful eyes of rivalling professors; instead, they should discover genuine talents and help young artists to develop international careers. The task the organisers face is to see to the competition's effectiveness upon its completion. In the words of Augustin Dumay, who has labelled Henryk Wieniawski "the Chopin of the violin", his oeuvre deserves to be known not only by violin players.

More in an interview with the Chairman of the Jury: