Michał Francuz recorded piano parts of works by Henryk Wieniawski
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Data publikacji / 2020-06-09

Preparations for the next edition of the International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition are in progress! For potential candidates, as well as enthusiasts of the work of the Polish virtuoso, we provide access to recordings of piano parts of those of his chamber works that are included in the program of the 16th edition of the competition. We hope that they will encourage violinists to reach for our patron's 'Legend' or 'Faust Fantasy' (there are six compositions to choose from).

The recordings of the compositions, performed by Michał Francuz on the Bösendorfer piano (thanks to Yamaha Poland), a chamber musician associated with the Poznań Academy of Music, who was the official pianist of the previous International Wieniawski Competition, are available on our YouTube channel 'WIENIAWSKI PL'.