Augustin Dumay – Interview with the Chairman of the Jury (video)
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Data publikacji / 2020-02-06

On October 25 Augustin Dumay gave an interview to a Poznań journalist Paweł Oses in which he talked about changes in the 16th International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition in Poznań. 

'[...] I believe one cannot be a judge and a party at the same time. In any event, there exists a considerable danger of being a judge and a party. This is the first reason, for which there will be fewer professors of the violin on the jury. There will be a few, but not ones who are personally interested in ushering their candidates to the event. There will be, say, cellists, violists, pianists, people who are most competent to determine who is and who is not a MUSICIAN' [...]

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